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The Fifth Element
Workplace innovation can be understood in terms of four main elements. Firstly it’s the individual employee’s job and team. Secondly it’s the structure of the organisation as a whole, and thirdly about opportunities for reflection and improvement. Finally it means bringing the employee’s voice to both strategic and operational decisions.

But it is when these elements combine in a web of mutually reinforcing practices that something remarkable begins to happen. This is The Fifth Element, the buzz you get in a workplace where employees at every level use and develop their knowledge, experience and creativity to the full, where employees come to work to improve the organisation as well deliver their functional tasks in the best possible way.

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Your Guide to Workplace Innovation

This short guide will give you practical knowledge
and help you to assess current practice in your organisation

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The business case for workplace innovation

The way we organise our workplaces will play a vital role in the future of the European economy.

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The employee’s case for workplace innovation

How managers and decision-makers in organisations can build the business case for workplace innovation.

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The public policy case for workplace innovation

Workplace innovation can make an important contribution to major policy goals.

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