A great first year for EUWIN – and an ambitious programme for 2014!

EUWIN's First Year Report reveals some remarkable outcomes from the Network’s first twelve months, actively engaging enterprises, social partners, policymakers and researchers in building a new movement across Europe.


EUWIN was launched as a vehicle for sharing and distributing knowledge, experience and learning resources amongst enterprises and other stakeholders.

So how has it done in its first year? The report shows the many and various impacts EUWIN has had in every area of its remit including putting workplace innovation on the agendas of a wide range of policymakers, social partners and businesses across 30 countries. EUWIN has achieved considerable visibility through concerted social media campaigns almost doubling its target for new contacts.  Monthly newsletters, web presence, partner websites, a network blog site, company visits, press releases, video case studies, filmed round table discussions, search engine optimisation have all contributed to awareness of the work undertaken by euwin which has been underpinned by an new concept – The Fifth Element.  A new European Journal of Workplace Innovation has also been launched.

EUWIN’s impact achieved through direct contact has been even more impressive with 24 events reaching over 1200 representatives – five times the target for the first year. These have included conferences, workshops, spin-offs and feeder events, the establishment of an Enterprise Panel and an active Advisory Board and the appointment of animateurs and ambassadors throughout EU member states.

This report not only sets out what EUWIN has achieved, it unveils what it plans to do in 2014 including a series of major events, new videos, case studies and newsletters. An inspiring seminar/workshop has already taken place at the headquarters of Speedo, the international UK based swimwear business, and further events are planned in Sweden (February), Austria, Finland, Denmark, Portugal, UK and Slovenia in the first six months of 2014 with more planned for the rest of the year.Four company visits are scheduled in the Slovak Republic, Belgium, Denmark and Portugal and a number of films and videos are planned to supplement the video presentations already broadcast in November and December 2013.  We will also launch the EUWIN knowledge bank with a diverse range of English language workplace innovation case studies, articles and other learning resources.

EUWIN is a learning network and the network has learnt where to improve itself to show even more results and create a genuine workplace innovation movement in the next two years.