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European Workplace Innovation Network | June Bulletin

EUWIN is an initiative of the European Commission’s Directorate General for Enterprise & Industry 

Workplace innovation finds a broad platform in Vienna 

Once again EUWIN’s ability to attract some of the most notable and innovative businesses committed to workplace innovation was clearly demonstrated at a highly successful conference in Vienna in May.

More than ten countries were represented in Vienna for the fourth event organised by EUWIN.

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One of a series of Guest Essays in which practitioners and researchers from across Europe contribute personal perspectives and experiences of workplace innovation.

Bengt-Åke Lundvall's stimulating essay below is based on his presentation to EUWIN’s Copenhagen Workshop. He argues for “a political mobilisation against those who insist that there is a choice between high quality jobs and a high volume of jobs on the basis of new alliances between employees, progressive employers and progressive trade unionists.” 

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Deteriorating quality of work undermines Europe's innovation systems and the welfare of Europe's workers! 

In this article I will argue that this project is especially important since one reason for the current weak economic performance of Europe is the deterioration of the quality of work in Europe as a result of the economic crisis. In a learning economy a reduction in participatory learning undermines the long term competitiveness of Europe as well as workers’ welfare. 

I therefore hope that EUWIN will bring the quality of work back on to the European agenda as a goal to be taken seriously. As I see it, we are in the ‘downswing’ of a political business cycle . . .

by Bengt-Åke Lundvall
Aalborg University

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How trade unions can stimulate, resource and sustain workplace innovation
Experiences from Denmark

Ideas. High levels of knowledge. Strong relationships between unions and employers able to handle both shared and conflicting interests. 

Trade unions and employers’ organisations agree that these are some of the key elements behind Danish competitiveness. Political decisions makers are also convinced that Denmark’s wealth and welfare must be based on great ideas and a high capacity for innovation.

by Pia Mulvad Reksten,

LO, Denmark  

 Peter Dragsbæk,

CO-Industri, Denmark

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The Future of Workplace Innovation

We’re planning a series of contributions about future trends and their impact on the workplace, of which this article by Alison Maitland is the first. A curated series of future-focused reports and articles will also be created on the EUWIN Knowledge Bank – watch this space!

Future Work

As Europe’s economies struggle to modernise and regain momentum on the world stage, they will find an important source of competitive advantage in smarter ways of working and managing people.

A growing number of businesses are giving their employees freedom over where, when and how they work, provided objectives are met. Innovative working practices are no longer the preserve of a few maverick entrepreneurs or trendy tech companies. Even some firms in the most traditionally hide-bound sectors, such as financial and legal services, are starting to loosen up and grant workers more autonomy.   

by Alison Maitland

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Advanced Workplaces for Advanced Business
29th September 2014: EUWIN’s Sofia Workshop

An exciting, interactive event bringing one hundred leading enterprises, policymakers and social partners together from across Europe to show how new ways of working can transform business performance and enhance working lives. You will explore inspiring cases from European companies and discover practical tools and resources to implement workplace innovation in your organisation. 

This free, not-to-be-missed Workshop is organised by EUWIN (the European Workplace Innovation Network), established by the European Commission to stimulate and resource better ways of working.  It is held in conjunction with European SME Week 2014.

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EUWIN's Rouen Workshop

20th November 2014

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