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EUWIN is an initiative of the European Commission’s Directorate General for Enterprise & Industry 

The motivation cycle

Humpert is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of bicycle handlebars, but it is not complacent. “You have no chance on the market without motivated employees” Project Manager Dirk Linnewerth explained. 

G.I.B., the Innovative Employment Promotion Company GmbH in North Rhine-Westphalia (Germany) operates the Potentialberatung programme to provide short term consultancy for SMEs. Private consultants work with firms and their employees on work organisation, competence development, organisational safety, health and demographic development. The consultancy has to be carried out in a participative and process-oriented way in which employees are closely involved. Consultants don’t sell readymade solutions but co-create unique, tailor made solutions with employees.

At Humpert this led to renewed emphasis on employee suggestions for improvement, a new approach to employee appraisal and a reorganisation of workflow. 

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Responsible Management: Lipstick or Empowerment?
Guest Essay

An occasional series in which practitioners and researchers from across Europe contribute personal perspectives and experiences of workplace innovation.

Richard Ennals argues that Corporate Social Responsibility means very little unless it addresses some fundamental issues about the nature of management, and it has much to learn from workplace Innovation

by Richard Ennals

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Workplace Innovation and quality of work: 
Belgian trade unions rising to the challenge!

An ESF Flanders project with trade unions ACV, ABVV and ACLVB and Antwerp University (ISUA)
This European Social Fund project was driven by worker representative groups in Belgium, plus Antwerp University, with the object of exploring the relationship between worker competences, the demands of the job and how employees are involved in changing work organization.  

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Franche-Comté is one of the few French regions to address social innovation.  rally'nov is a pilot regional campaign backed by the French Government to identify, develop and promote socially innovative initiatives from businesses and associations.  It aims to expand the network of participants involved in social innovation and promote the skills development of company stakeholders, associations and institutional players in the field of social innovation. 

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Advanced Workplaces for Advanced Business
29th September 2014: EUWIN’s Sofia Workshop

An exciting, interactive event bringing one hundred leading enterprises, policymakers and social partners together from across Europe to show how new ways of working can transform business performance and enhance working lives. You will explore inspiring cases from European companies and discover practical tools and resources to implement workplace innovation in your organisation. 

This free, not-to-be-missed Workshop is organised by EUWIN (the European Workplace Innovation Network), established by the European Commission to stimulate and resource better ways of working.  It is held in conjunction with European SME Week 2014.

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How is quality of work connected to the competitive strength of companies?
6th November 2014: EUWIN’s Rouen Workshop

This is the theme of EUWIN’s regional workshop in Rouen which will now take place on 6th November 2014.  Six national and international companies will share their experiences and participants will also be able to join a series of ‘practical ateliers’. You can even experience workplace innovation in a ‘cooking experiment’ performed by Flanders Synergy. Social partners will discuss the French approach to workplace innovation, and there will be plenty of opportunities for discussion and networking.

More details will be published on the EUWIN Events page and on our French partner sites (ANACT, ARACT Haute-Normandie, CARSAT).

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