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European Workplace Innovation Network | February Bulletin

EUWIN is an initiative of the European Commission’s Directorate General for Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs 


We start the first edition of the new bi-monthly EUWIN Bulletins with the launch of the latest addition to EUWIN’s Film Bank, an exciting case of transformation in EderfilBecker, a Basque manufacturing company. It provides clear evidence of how employee empowerment and enlightened leadership can lead to sustainable competitiveness. You can find a link to the film and to Egoitz Pomares’ accompanying article below.

Creating new eco-systems to support the spread of workplace innovation is a major EUWIN priority and we’re actively working with partners in Estonia, Lithuania, Poland, Portugal, Scotland and several other countries to help them achieve this goal. Last year we reported on an important new policy measure to support workplace innovation in the Basque Country, and in this Bulletin you will find news of an initiative by a leading employers’ association in Italy’s Veneto region.

Developing workplace innovation policies at regional, national and EU levels will play an important role in EUWIN’s work this year and Grzegorz Drozd from the European Commission (DG GROW) explains why. You can also read our Policy Paper on the wider European context.

Our very best wishes for 2016 from the entire EUWIN team and we hope to be in touch with you very soon at one of our events or through the Knowledge Bank. As always we welcome your ideas and contributions to the Bulletin and you can contact us here.

Check the latest EUWIN film – this time from Spain!

We’re delighted to announce the latest addition to EUWIN’s growing Film Bank, where we share workplace innovation practices from leading enterprises across Europe. EderfilBecker, a company located in the Basque Country (Northern Spain), is a powerful example of how self-managed teams can create high levels of employee engagement and sustainable competitiveness. Enlightened leadership provides the key to success!

To complement the film, EUWIN Ambassador Egoitz Pomares of Sinnergiak Social Innovation has prepared a special article on EderfilBecker’ journey of empowerment.

Watch the film or read on . . .

A story of empowerment

After a process of transformation which included the fusion of two companies, this manufacturer of electrically conductive materials created a management model based on self-organised teams in which communication, transparency and employee voice set the lines of action of its daily operations.

Pablo Mendizabal, the General Manager, sees this change, and the company’s resulting distinctiveness, as central to EderfilBecker’s competitive advantage. In the words of Maider Martin, EderfilBecker’s People Co-ordinator: We are doing things differently to create inimitable advantages.

Egoitz Pomares
Sinnergiak Social Innovation (UPV/EHU), Basque Country, Spain

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The Boson Project
Turning hierarchies upside-down to help companies evolve

The Boson Project is a young start-up that is making some heads turn in the French business community. The team of ten consultants breaks up existing practices within organisations from the bottom. They believe first-line employees are the first ones who need to be shaken up in order to create rooted change in their organisations. This is why The Boson Project puts them at the core of transformation processes. When employees are asked to question their company’s practices and challenge its vision, the result is what we would call deep workplace innovation. This is how “the companies that the Boson Project’s change agents get their hands on, are thoroughly reversed”, says Guillemette Colombe.

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Innovation in manufacturing SMEs through people involvement

Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) often lack the resources, competencies and experience to build the culture of innovation required to stay ahead of the market. This is where collaboration with external bodies can help.

Having that in mind Confindustria Veneto SIAV S.p.A. launched and animated the Factory of Knowledge, a community of enterprises and knowledge providers such as universities and research centres, with the aim of bringing different perspectives, knowledge and tools for innovation to SMEs in the Veneto Region of Italy.

Giovanni Bernardi
Senior Fellow at Academia Patavina, Padua, Italy

Gabriella Bettiol
Head of Knowledge and Innovation Unit, Confindustria Veneto Siav Spa, Venice, Italy

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Why does supporting workplace innovation at the European level still make sense?

New technologies change the way we live, consume and meet people. As the Internet has changed our lives, the Industrial Internet is transforming the way we work and produce.

Europe is at the crossroads, emerging from a deep economic and social crisis and attempting to find alternative ways of creating growth in the economy. While traditional ways of responding to crises are still valid, there is a clear need to explore different, unconventional paths that have the potential to lead to growth.

What role can workplace innovation play in this context?

Grzegorz Drozd
European Commission (DG GROW)

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